Do I have to have a walkie-talkie for a self-drive tour?

Over the years, self-drive tours have become more and more recognised as an increasingly popular way to travel for more and more families who own a car, but it seems that many people do not realise the role of a walkie-talkie in a self-drive tour as opposed to being equipped with a proper one. As a self-drive tour enthusiast who has been using a talker for many years, I share my opinion on why self-drive tours should be equipped with a talker.

Self-drive tours have many communication needs

A road trip is more than just a driving trip, the journey comes with all sorts of luggage and supplies, especially for family road trips and road trips with several convoys and friends, there is a very frequent need for communication and exchange, such as these scenarios.

Scenario 1: Family excursions

small wireless microphone

A family in the process of driving, to the service area to go to the toilet, to buy groceries, the need to disperse the action, many people can not easily find: to facilitate communication between all parties, but also to ensure that the network is unobstructed and not limited by geographical restrictions.

Scenario 2: group excursions

In particular, several cars together long-distance self-drive tour activities or to remote local government for scientific adventure self-drive tour, because of the different road information complex, the head car to keep informed of the rear car road conditions; to communicate midway in where there is no rest, refueling, to which shop to eat and dine; driving technology in the process of chatting to relieve boredom; in the parade march design process we keep informed of the opposite direction of incoming traffic, sudden environmental risks, non-fleet vehicles overtaking interference and other risk analysis events, etc., all research these business needs, all need a can achieve to provide economic and rapid communication work ability to support one-to-many call and communication.

For such needs, walkie-talkies are extremely advantageous.

My own experience of bad conversations

I have been using walkie-talkies since I started travelling. I have been using walkie-talkies for almost 10 years now. Due to the difficulty of verifying and replacing cars, I have never installed a more powerful, longer travel car platform; instead, they have always used handheld walkie-talkies. There are three or four smart radios in the house, and two Xiaomi radios. Every time they go out on a road trip, otherwise, the family is still sitting in a couple of cars with relatives and friends, making sure you have your walkie-talkie ready to go.

I will keep a walkie-talkie in the car and charge the car's battery with a lighter so I can keep in touch with other cars while driving and I don't have to worry about the battery running out. Anyone who wants to get out of the car for convenience or shopping should take a portable walkie-talkie with a signal range of 2-3 km, which is convenient enough for use.

Apart from driving trips, I usually stay at home, sometimes the kids are out playing in the neighbourhood or I leave the kids at home and want to go out to work and shop in or around the neighbourhood. I'll bring the intercom or have the kids bring it so I can always find someone.

All in all, in our house, the walkie-talkie is a technical tool that can be used effectively for short distance transportation, is used very frequently, is enjoyed by the children and is a very good option for learning by reducing one's children's exposure to mobile phones.





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