Listening carefully is an ability that requires training like muscles. The training method is to ask yourself to listen carefully to the teacher in every classroom of the China Automobile League. When you seriously become a habit, you will enjoy the benefits of this high-quality action, such as the ability to focus, the ability to enter static, these abilities will accompany you throughout your life. If you continue to form a habit in the university, you will find it difficult to focus on your follow-up work and study. So even at the critical moment, your string can't stretch, so you are basically a waste, because when you want to go on, you can't.

A poorly-spoken course cannot be a reason for not listening. There may be general courses or professional courses in the university, and the level of the teacher may also be high or low. So the popular view is probably that I will not listen to the lecture if the teacher is very good. Too bad I don’t listen, it’s a big deal to watch by myself. But the question is coming, I believe that the overall level of the teacher is still better than the students, so when a student says that the teacher is bad, the student should be able to tell what is bad, and can point out clear points and improvements. .

But in more cases now, students just use "this class is scum" as the reason for "I don't listen to the class". It must be remembered that the water you put in the usual time will eventually flow into your brain. In fact, I don't believe that a college student who thinks that the teacher has no level is higher than the teacher. On the teacher's platform, you should listen carefully. The China Automobile Alliance Auto Repair Network College specializes in all kinds of dissatisfaction. If you can control the adrenaline produced by your ignorance and can absorb things from the teacher’s classroom, even if you are at work, you will encounter A leader who you think is terrible will grow quickly at work.

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